Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Mini MAC Haul

It was my 21st birthday on April 16 and to celebrate, I met up with my mum in Manchester. Although I had asked for money towards a car, I decided to spend a little bit of it. I hadn't tried a new makeup product for a while and with summer round the corner, I felt I needed a seasonal uplift. My Auntie had booked me in at MAC to have a makeover and then receive store credit to spend on anything I liked.

The first thing I wanted was a more bronzey blush as I always opt for those which are matte and orange-based. The above photo makes me look quite tanned but don't let it fool you - there isn't even a hint of sunkissed colour in my cheeks. I went for Cheeky Bronze which I actually have found works as a highlighter if lightly applied. The product lasts all day without using a setting spray or powder and the colour is really beautiful and rather natural despite the shimmer.

When I picked this, the lady also told me I could use it as a bronzer but I much prefer a natural, matte bronzer which isn't too dissimilar to my natural skin colour. It was £23, but as I don't wear makeup everyday it will last me a long time. I'm not into the whole Kardashian contour look. In fact, I'm not so sure I even suit it... Which leads me on to my next purchase.

I picked up one of the natural mineralise skinfinish powders in the colour Medium Golden. Again, this was £23 but should last me a while unless I get a little brush-happy and annihilate it.  It sets my foundation beautifully and I've even used it as a light bronzer to add slight colour to my cheeks when I'm not wearing a base.

The next few products are (surprise, surprise) for my lips.
I was actually bought these as a gift from my stepsisters. The first is a Cremesheen lipstick in the colour Pure Zen. It cost £15.50 (I looked it up).
I'm sorry for the bad picture - it isn't metallic like the picture below looks but it does have the slightest shimmer which looks far more like a glossy shine.

Pure Zen is actually a frosty, warm-toned nude. The Cremesheen lipsticks have a rich creamy texture and a great colour payoff. 
The next colour is MAC Red from the Satin collection. Again, this was £15.50. I have never bought a Satin but I definitely would now I have tried it. MAC Red is a blueish-red shade and semi-matte. It lasts longer than the Cremesheen but not quite as long as the Retro Mattes. It doesn't bleed into the skin around your lips - an issue I often have.

The final thing in the haul is a £12.50 lip liner in the shade Redd. It goes perfectly with the MAC Red lipstick (above). It's super long-lasting and helps the lipstick to stay on for longer. I usually fill in my entire lip as well as lining the outside just to keep it on longer and help the colour pop.