Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak || Review

Managed to get my hands on this little baby! 

I believe this colour (along with two others) doesn't come out in the UK until the end of the month but I could be wrong. I know you can definitely get them in the States.

This is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette in the colour Streak. It's £22 for 0.49oz. I always like to look at prices from a student budget, and I think this is totally affordable!

You get a bronzer, highlighter and blush in one palette. If I were to buy all three products individually, it would cost me at least double so I found this to be a bargain.

The palette comes in a soft coppery/rosy coloured, plastic case. It isn't metallic like the Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes. If you've seen the original Flushed palette, then it's the same as that. The lid opens and shuts easily and it has a very slight magnetic pull to it to keep it shut in your makeup bag.

The original Naked Flushed palette is now called "Naked". For those that don't know, it contains a medium shade satin bronzer, a pale pink champagne-ish highlighter and a rose satin blush.

The other two new palettes are called Native (medium bronzer with a shimmer in it, a pale pink highlighter and a bright pink, matte blush which is super pigmented) and Strip (darkest bronzer of the palettes, a beautiful golden highlighter and a deep mauve, matte blush).

Bronzer: The Streak palette has the lightest shade bronzer so it's ideal for my pale skin and helps me achieve that natural look that I aim for. It's matte but on closer inspection, there is the slightest shimmer. This was another selling point for me. I like everything in matte. I don't mind a shimmer highlighter, of course, but I like everything else to be matte.

Highlighter: The palette contains a peachy highlighter which blends so beautifully with the blush. It's super shimmery and gorgeous.

Blush: I don't think I suit bright pink blush so I usually opt for corals or peachy shades (not orange though). As you can see below, this palette contains a coral-y blush which was 100% the biggest selling point for me. It also has a matte finish. What more could I want?!

You can blend the different parts together or put them on individually to create different looks. I chose Streak over the others because I think it suits my skin tone best. I don't like blushers which are too pink so this peachy colour really won me over as it isn't too orange or too pink. The trio isn't too powdery so it looks as natural as possible which is perfect for me.

Disclaimer: This review is 100% me. I BOUGHT this product. Urban Decay did not send it to me. The lady at a makeup counter brought me one from the back. I will not say which city/town I bought this in as I do not want her to get in trouble for selling me something too early. I always go to her when I want Urban Decay products - this is why she sold it to me.


  1. This looks like such an amazing and pretty product! And a great review!
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  2. What a gorgeous palette! I love your review!

  3. The products are really good!!


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