Sunday, 18 May 2014

Lush - Rub Rub Rub review

Back in April, I received a bunch of complimentary goodies from Lush (see my unboxing post here). 

On April 22, I reviewed the Comforter Bubble Bar and in that post (read here), I said I would review the other product that I had tested "tomorrow" i.e. April 23. In case you haven't guessed, I didn't review said product.

Almost a month later, and here it is - my Rub Rub Rub review!

Rub Rub Rub is first and foremost a body scrub but wait... what's this? It can be used on your hair? Um... 

Here are the facts:
☮ It contains 10 natural ingredients and 6 safe synthetics
☮ None of the ingredients were tested on animals
☮ It's vegan
☮ It costs £8.50 for a 330g tub (my tub is only 130g - I don't know how much this would cost)

My experience?

Smell-wise, it's amazing as expected. It has a jasmine/blossom smell to it and it is absolutely lovely. I'm not one for floral scents at all - not even in perfume. But this smelt wonderfully sweet and not too flowery at all. 
It has a bright blue colour to it which made me a little excited, if I'm honest. It's the small things in life...

The scrub can be used on dry skin for an intense exfoliating session or in the shower/bath.
It's made with fine sea salt which to me sounded a little bit scary but mostly just strange. Why? Well, salt is supposed to dry out your skin and hair and this product claims to "wash, volumise and add shine to hair".  

Fortunately, Rub Rub Rub leaves my skin feeling significantly softer after each use. When used on your hair, it removes unwanted oils and exfoliates your scalp. Weirdly, it did give my hair a little volume and I have completely flat hair normally.

Overall, I really liked this product. I loved the colour, smell and the results. You don't really need to use much at all so the cost is justifiable if you're on a student budget, like myself. I'd probably rate this an 8 out 10.

Thanks again, Lush!

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