Monday, 30 December 2013

Static line parachute jump

Yesterday, I rolled out of an aeroplane on my own...

I look cool don't I?! All suited up and raring to go (I'm on the left with my eyes closed - typical). It was the single greatest experience of my life and I want to do it again!

The strangest part was that I didn't even feel nervous. I love adrenaline-rush activities. I love roller coasters and I even loved Summit Plummet, the 120ft water slide in Blizzard Beach, Florida. However, I did presume that I'd feel some nerves when perched on the edge of the plane, strapped to no one and a few miles up from the safety of the ground - but it was all so surreal and I was just 100% excited. As the instructor tapped my shoulder and shouted "GO", I made the error of looking down as I pushed myself out of the plane. Instead of forming the perfect arch as I plummeted towards the ground, I dribbled out of the plane, rolling around, flying upside down, worrying my glasses were going to fall off and struggling to get back into the arch. If I had kept my head up, my centre of gravity would have been at my hips and not my head and I wouldn't have fallen out of the plane like a limp fish (very embarrassing when the plane is full of people with thousands of jumps under their belts). The wind was incredibly strong that I didn't quite get into the arch. Luckily, my parachute pulled and was undamaged. PHEW. 

I had a couple of nuisances but they were easy enough to get out of. I pulled on the toggles to move the slider down and open up the end cells on the parachute. From this point, I just enjoyed the view! My hands were absolutely freezing. I honestly thought my fingers were going to fall off. Eventually, I landed in the field, inches from the feathers, skeleton and blood of a dead bird, which made me feel a little nauseas. Landing was incredibly easy though!

Sorry this is a bit of a messy post. I am trying to re-watch Game of Thrones whilst typing. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Barry M Gelly nail polish

I'm usually a YSL girl when it comes to lipstick. But with nail polish, I often go to Barry M. I haven't really been loving the matte polishes that have hit the shelves lately. I was really disappointed with Topshop's matte polishes, but Barry M managed to make them slightly better. Even so, I cannot bring myself to part with my money and if you know me, you know that I prefer EVERYTHING in matte.

So instead of following this matte trend, I decided to try Barry M's Gelly Hi-Shine nail paint (I know, I'm a little behind... They have been out for a while). I bought it in the colour Blueberry and the colour Lychee and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I usually like to match my fingers and toes but I currently have Lychee on my tootsies and Blueberry on my fingernails. They aren't a lot shinier than normal polishes but I can definitely see the difference. I always manage to chip my nails in the first 24 hours after applying my nail polish if I don't wear a top coat... Currently, I don't have a top coat on and my nails look freshly painted two days into it! When applied, it has a kind of thicker look, which I guess makes it live up to it's "Gelly" name...

I bought these from Superdrug. They cost £3.99 each, but are totally worth it!

I would post a picture of my fingers and toes but I figured people wouldn't want to see my feet!

Get them here!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Sportswear so pretty, you’ll WANT to exercise!

Over the summer, I decided to invest in some better sports gear because I’m sick of ruining vest tops and joggers that I usually lounge around the house in.
Choosing sportswear can be difficult. There are so many brands and so many variations within each brand. The whole “Nike vs Adidas vs all other brands” always seems to stump people. I’m a Nike girl – but essentially, there is no “better” brand. You need to pick things that YOU like, things that YOU feel comfortable in and most importantly, something within your budget! So, without further ado, here are 5 of my favourite picks…
1. My all time favourite piece of sportswear are the Nike Free Run trainers. I have an older model of the Free Runs in a bright aqua green. They are super lightweight and are really comfortable. The sole of the shoe is split into blocks so that when you run the shoe can bend fully with your foot. They can be a bit pricey, but they are totally worth it if you’re willing to part with your money!
Interested? Who wouldn’t be?! They are a good value for money and there are so many variations -

 2. Sweaty Betty (available in Selfridges) is another brand that I love – though I don’t own anything from there. I have been admiring the Bauhaus Seamless Ski Leggings for a while. They were designed for colder climates, so if you’re a ski buff then they are perfect.
Interested? They cost £49.00 BUT if I owned a pair of these (next payday maybe!), I would wear them to the gym, when exercising outdoors and even when doing yoga -
3. Okay ladies, this next piece is a serious steal! For £60 (sounds expensive right now, but wait…), you can buy an Adidas swimsuit designed by the legendary Stella McCartney!!! The cut of the swimsuit is super flattering on all body types due to the shape of the mesh panel and the positioning of the strap. And to make it even more desirable, swimsuits are all the rage at the moment! Who wants a bikini when you can look super stylish in this sexy one-piece?!
Interested? Of course you are… It’s a fair amount of money, but if you don’t enjoy the gym and swimming is more your forte, then I’d say it is a good investment… Oh, and make sure to check out the rest of her range for Adidas -
4. Want to buy a pair of leggings for the gym but can’t decide between two colours? Y-3 (available in Selfridges) has you covered! These reversible leggings are a little on the expensive side, but in a way, you are basically getting two pairs for the price of one!
Interested? So they may cost £115 but they are pretty snazzy and at least you’ll stand out if you go running at night -
5. Every woman needs a sports bra because let’s face it, running without one is painful! I personally LOVE this sports top with an attached sports bra from Under Arm. It comes in five different colours.
Interested? At £40, you’re basically saving yourself money, since the sports bras alone are around £20 and then the tops can cost £20+! It’s a steal!