Monday, 13 July 2015

Interior Inspiration

I've finally graduated from university (with a first class degree, might I add) and moved out of my god awful accommodation... Seriously, my halls were nicer than my house. We had mice. The whole area had rats. We were lucky.
So now I'm back in Blackpool making coffee after turning down a graduate job at the other end of the country because I was £1,000 into my overdraft and needed a car for day one and accommodation. This next year will be dedicated to getting out of my overdraft and starting to save up for a deposit on my own place. I want nothing more in life than to be able to hold my own mortgage WITHOUT a man *sassy finger clicks*. In order to keep me motivated on my job hunt, here are a few pictures of the style of home I would love to own.
(All images sourced from Pinterest)

Bathroom: Wooden step ladders to place towels on and tall candlestick holder... Because one day, I will like baths.

Kitchen: Don't know how to describe the kitchenware on the left but I want that kinda thing. Wooden shelves to store beautiful bowls on.

Bedroom: Low down bed with lots of cushions and throws.