Sunday, 27 April 2014

Naked Palette 3 || Review

I'm a little late to jump on the Urban Decay Naked 3 bandwagon... But what can you expect from a broke student?! 

I recently won the first stages of a local style competition. Round two commences tomorrow! For some reason, I find it really embarrassing that I won...

Anyway, the prize was a £100 gift voucher for the shopping centre. Naturally, the first thing I bought was the Naked 3 palette. Eek!

I've had a little bit of time to play around with it and by "play around", I mean I've tried two make-up looks and basically just stuck to them.

This palette costs £37.00, just like the other two Naked palettes. You get 12 brand new full-sized eye shadows. I love the fact that all the colours are new. You also get a double ended brush which has a flat shader on one side and blending brush on the other. I love that both the brush and the case are kinda rose gold themselves. The case is made from some kind of metal. I actually prefer this packaging to the original Naked palette.

 Look how wonderfully rosy they are! 

You also get four free samples of the Urban Decay eye shadow Primer Potions. The first one you get is the original and it's probably my favourite because it's invisible once on.  The next one is called Eden and this one is a nude matte shade. Again, really nice. The next two I haven't actually tried yet. One is called Sin which apparently has a hint of shimmer and the last one is Anti-ageing which does what it says. Each sample comes in a little pod and has a few weeks worth of primer in each.

If I'm honest, It took me a while to get into it. I fell in love with the original Naked palette instantly and I thought it would be the same with this one. Before I owned it, I wanted it so much. I love how all the colours are kind of rose gold or a taupe-y or mauve-y version of rose gold. Even the darkest shade, Blackheart, has little red flecks in it which I think is a lovely touch. But when I actually went to use the palette for the first time, I found that I didn't really know what to do with the colours. I wasn't sure which to mix to get certain looks. 

After playing around for a while, I have realised that I love this palette just as much as I thought I would. I have quite green eyes so pinky shades really make my eyes pop. I also love the smoothness of the shadows and the fact that they are all really pigmented - something that I think is a common thread in all Urban Decay eye-shadows.

The first four shades:

The first colour in the palette is called "Strange". I presume most people use it to highlight their brow bones and maybe the inner corners of the eye which is exactly how I use it. I really like this colour. It's possibly my favourite brow bone highlighter ever. At first glance, it looks matte but it actually has a really light shimmer to it which I think is so beautiful. It's kind of an ivory shade but has a very slight pinky tone to it once applied.
The second colour is "Dust". It's a light, metallic, glittery pink. Super girly. The glitter is kind of big and you can really see the glitter chunks.. "Glitter chunks" - I come up with some weird phrases.
The third colour is "Burnout" and it's a satin pink colour. Not quite as pink as Dust but I actually prefer this colour and I'm wearing it in the corners of my eyes right now. It is a perfect shade for wearing all over the lid though.
Next we have "Limit" which is one of the two matte shades in the palette. I absolutely love this colour. It's a light dusty rose and it's prefect as a blending/transition colour in the crease.

The next five colours:

The fifth colour in the palette is "Buzz". This is a metallic rose shade with little bits of silver glitter. Super pretty and super pink.
Next is "Trick". For me, this is THE rose gold colour in the palette - it's metallic and beautiful.
The next colour is the second matte shadow and it's called "Nooner". This is my favourite colour in the palette. It works perfectly in the crease and is a dusky, mauve-y kinda colour. I sometimes like to use this on my lower lash line too.
The eighth colour is called "Liar" and it's a metallic mauve shade with a rosy shimmer.
"Factory" is the next colour and it's a satin brown. Really pretty and easy to pack onto your lids.

The final three shadows:

The tenth colour is "Mugshot". It's like a metallic taupe. I love this colour - I've been using it loads.
"Darkside" is the next colour and this is a satin grey taupe with a rosy hint to it. I love this for the outer corners of the eye. 
The final shade is "Blackheart" and this is black with little pink or red sparkles. I can't quite tell! Either way, it's perfect for creating a smokey eye but the pink/red glitter "chunks" make it just that little bit softer. I actually feel like this is something you could wear in the day quite easily.

Overall, I love how unique this palette is. It's completely different to the other two Naked palettes.

I hope at least one person finds this review useful!


  1. I love the look of this palette I am always hearing so many good things about it! The colours look so pretty and I love the looks you created!
    Em x

  2. great look! love the Naked 3 palette

    xx Angie|