Tuesday, 1 April 2014

LUSH Haul/Unbox

After a 9am-5pm day of being chief sub-editor for the StaffsLive pages at uni, I was greeted at home by this...


I can already smell it...

I don't shop at LUSH often. When I do, it will always be done online, despite having a store in my local shopping centre. The smell always gives me a headache so I never ever browse in there. The one time that I decided to actually go into the store and have a look around, I managed to (slightly) damage my phone. Typical, huh? 

I reached up for a product that was just above my eye level and pulled it off the shelf to read the label on the side. Unbeknown to me, the Marilyn hair treatment had no lid and had started pouring onto my phone that I had placed on the countertop. It was only when my fingers started to feel cold that I realised my phone had been engulfed in the yellow, gloopy treatment! 

The staff were incredibly helpful, but my phone speaker was no longer working so I could not make any calls (as a journalist, this is a bit of a nightmare). In a bit of a rage, I took to Twitter to cool down and have a little rant. I know this isn't the store's fault and any LUSH addict (and I know there are a lot of you out there!) will know that LUSH don't provide lids for any of their testers. Obviously, I wasn't aware of this policy.

The LUSH Twitter team advised that I email them the specifics of what happened. At this point, my phone speaker had improved (I made sure I told them this) and I was very polite in the email. Worse things could have happened, I am sure! 

I received a response saying they had spoken to my local store and were sending me a  parcel of complimentary goodies! 


So, the box arrived... The huge box.
Inside the box was...

Millions of polystyrene Wotsits ("Wotsits" are crisps, for those who are unsure). 

Under this was...

OOH! Two beautiful boxes - one labelled "Hello Gorgeous" and the other "Shiny Happy People"... 

*Que R.E.M*

Shiny happy people holding haaaaands... 

*ahem* Anyway... 

I love the way these boxes are decorated. 

The Shiny Happy People box came wrapped in yellow, floral embossed paper, secured with a yellow ribbon. Once I had carefully peeled this off, I was left with another brown box filled with the Wotsits! But under said Wotsits...

From left to right:

50g Mini Buffy Body Butter
100g Happy Happy Shower Gel
100g Bohemian Soap

In the Hello Gorgeous box...

From left to right on the back row:

100g Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Moisturiser
200g The Comforter Bubble Bar
130g Rub Rub Shower Scrub

From left to right on the front row:

Think Pink Bath Ballistic
10g Gorgeous Trial Size Facial Moisturiser

Everything smells like a toned down version of the shop - which is incredible! I love the smell of LUSH, but the shops themselves are too strong.

Again, iPhone photography! Sorry! 

I have not tried any of these products out yet but I will be sure to post about each one as I try them! 

Thank you to LUSH for my complimentary goodies! <3 

Very generous!

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