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Pokémon | Top 5 Episodes of Series 2 | The Orange Islands

I'm really excited to be writing another of these posts, as childish as it may be. Last month, I posted my top 5 episodes from series 1 of Pokémon and now, I'm going to give you my top 5 from series 2, The Orange Islands!

The anime evolved (no pun intended) from a series of games. The plot sees Ash Ketchum on his journey to become the world's greatest Pokémon master. Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) are like animals but you can catch, train and battle them. A lot of people say it encourages animal cruelty but I think this is ridiculous. It's just a game and TV show etc and actually, the Pokémon are usually more than happy to battle!

The Orange Islands says a temporary goodbye to the much loved character, Brock and hello to Tracey Sketchit who I find has similar traits to Brock, such as their love for girls and good knowledge of Pokémon.

Before I begin, please note that when I say the episode number, eg. 114, I mean the 114th episode ever. There are only 36 episodes in this series but I'm taking into account the first series and all banned epsiodes up to this point as well (there are 2 in series one). So episode 114 is known as 111 everywhere but Japan... Does that make sense? Probably not.

Before I confuse myself further, here are my top 5 episodes from series 2!

5. Episode 99: Tracey Gets Bugged
The trio arrive on Murcott Island, famous for its bug Pokémon. They come across an injured Scyther who is unwillingly taken by them to the nearest Pokémon centre. They discover that Scyther lost leadership of its swarm from battling a younger Scyther challenger, forcing it to live in exile unless it wins another leadership match. As you may have guessed, the kids try helping Scyther regain his self-esteem. What I loved about this episode was seeing Scyther's personality and pride. I like getting to know a bit about different Pokémon attitudes and mannerisms and seeing this emotionally hurt Scyther fight back was weirdly touching and I admire its strength. The relationship between this Scyther and the Scyther it lost its leadership position to is really interesting - but I won't give too much away.

4. Episode 114: Enter the Dragonite
I had a real hard time picking between this episode and 113, Hello Pummelo. The two episodes are connected and part of one long pokémon battle. But, the reason I chose this episode is because of the dragons and the immense battling! Ash finishes his battle with Drake for the Orange League Championships. We see Drake's Venusaur and Electabuzz and Ash's Tauros and Bulbasaur followed by Drake's Dragonite and Ash's Charizard. Dragonite is pretty strong and Ash has to use various other pokémon in his battle against it. Of course, Team Rocket plot to capture the Dragonite once weakened... We all know how much I love Team Rocket so I just constantly wait for their scenes! I don't want to give the ending away but it's definitely worth a watch and if you listen carefully, Ash give a little clue to an event in a future episode!

3. Episode 98: Meowth Rules!
I love Meowth. This episode sees him abandon Team Rocket for a life of luxury as leader of a group of human Meowth worshippers who believe he is the Great Meowth of Bounty and will use Pay Day to bring them good fortune. Meowth keeps it secret that he doesn't actually know Pay Day so he doesn't have to give up his new life. We see him pretend he doesn't know Team Rocket and gets them kicked off the island. But again, Team Rocket show they really do have good hearts deep down (way deep down). When Meowth is put into a ring with a Nidoking and then an Onix in order to encourage him to use Pay Day, Jessie and James try to save him by throwing James' precious gold bottle cap collection to make the villagers think Meowth is the Great Meowth of Bounty. I just love how much Team Rocket care for one another. They may argue a lot and can be quite selfish in most episodes, but when it comes down to it, they always look out for one another.

2. Episode 106: Bound For Trouble
As mentioned before, I'm obsessed with Team Rocket and Pikachu is my favourite Pokémon. Team Rocket use reverse psychology to trap the kids. Meowth fastens a belt around Pikachu's waist that is connected to one around his own waist for which Jessie holds the key. But a giant Pidgeot swoops down and picks Meowth and Pikachu up and carries them away. The rest of the episode focuses mainly on Pikachu and Meowth. Why this episode? The relationship between the two Pokémon is adorable. Of course, the arguments begin and Pikachu constanty has the threat of Thundershocking Meowth in order to get him to follow his lead. I don't want to give away all the cute scenes but there is one part where Pikachu shares his apple with Meowth and I just... EEK! I get all excited like I've just been given a kitten!
If you enjoy TV errors, then you might notice that when Meowth and Pikachu land after the giant Pidgeot drops them, they are not wearing their connectors!

1. Episode 107: Charizard Chills
The trio meet Tad and his Poliwrath who puts Pikachu to sleep in a battle against Ash. Ash chooses to send out his disobedient and untrained Charizard who of course does not listen to Ash and refuses to battle. Poliwrath then freezes Charizard with Ice Beam. Ash and his friends spend the whole evening trying to heat the fire Pokémon up so his tail flame doesn't go out (which would lead to his death). We get a really touching speech from Ash and when Charizard recovers, he has new found respect for him. Ash's Charmeleon evolved in episode 46 in The Indigo League and has completely ignored all commands since. This epsiode was a long time coming and I absolutely loved seeing their relationship grow and to again see just how much Ash cares for his Pokémon.


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