Friday, 25 April 2014

Stressed Out || University Troubles

Twitter has received its fair share of my ramblings. I now turn to you, blog...

The end of the current academic year is quickly approaching.  

As a little girl, I always dreamt of going to university. In fact, I used to think I wouldn't go to uni until I had an A-level in every course possible. Then I wanted to get five degrees. Yep. I know. I didn't understand how the whole education system works.

The hard work? I expected that. But the staying at university over the holidays? I didn't expect that. At all.

All this time that I am spending in my digs over both the Christmas and Easter holidays is costing me a BOMB. I can't afford to support myself at all but my workload is so big that I can't go home. Sucks, huh?

Those closest to me know that I get stressed quite easily. I often lose my head over the tiniest details - so can you imagine how I feel when THIS is my to-do list:

  1. Finalise A3 double page newspaper spread
  2. Finalise A4 page for Fringe magazine 
  3. Complete 4000 word portfolio with news stories about courts and councils
  4. Fill in a contact and story development sheet for every piece of copy I write
  5. Write 1000 word evaluation to accompany the C+C portfolio
  6. Interview a busker (having no luck so far... A Big Issue vendor is my back up)
  7. Write up 1000-1200 word feature about busker (or Big Issue vendor) 
  8. Get 6-10 other interviews with people relevant to the busking story (or Big Issue)
  9. Go to play area opening on April 26 and get vox pops
  10. Edit all audio from the event above
  11. Write a story to accompany it
  12. Add points 6-11 to my 6000 word Journalism in Practice portfolio
  13. Fill in story development and contact sheet for both
  14. Practice shorthand for 100wpm exam
  15. Revise for public affairs NCTJ exam
  16. Revise for the business of magazines NCTJ exam
  17. Begin my 1500 word magazine features portfolio and submit all work to real magazines for publishing
On top of that, I have a production journalism NCTJ exam and a reporting NCTJ exam (can't revise for either, thank God). Oh, and I also HAVE to find work experience for 3 weeks this summer.

It could be said that I am on a pretty demanding course...

Over the past three days, I have managed to complete numbers 1 to 5. Yep. That is it. 

And it isn't just my goddamn journalism dreams that are causing all this stress.

My Klumsy Karma has kicked in. 

Yes, I know that is spelt wrong - but alliteration is so worth looking like you can't spell.

Everything is going wrong at the moment. I keep accidentally hurting myself or knocking things over or burning my boyfriend's towel... Or spilling tea on his bed. Or kicking his straighteners. Or spilling lemon juice all over his toilet roll supply.

Oh gosh. I'm a terrible girlfriend!

And he is a saint, clearly!

He has a calming effect on me but I have spent so much time with him lately that I actually feel sorry for him! I can get pretty stubborn and my mood can completely flip in an instant, but he is persistent and manages to pull me out the other side with only a few scrapes and bruises.




I can't stand being clumsy. I get so angry and upset with myself.

I could rant on forever about my money situation, but I'm not going to say anything more than: "Where is my overdraft going?!"

Honestly? I really don't know what to do at the moment. I guess I'm just hoping I make it out alive!

Maybe those Kalms mum sent will come in handy...

God, I hope so!

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