Saturday, 1 February 2014

I Miss Taekwondo

I miss taekwondo SO much! It used to be the most important thing in my life. I don't have many photos, but here are four that I can find...

In the photo above, I (the one on the left, facing the camera) am sparring with a girl who I was always partnered with. She was the same belt as me and an excellent sparring partner. I think her dojang (the place she trained) was in Newcastle.

I look so chilled in this picture... Not quite sure why. Hopefully, I wasn't fighting at this point and just listening and waiting. My hair is so dark! I miss having dark hair, even though I didn't suit it!

Look at that dodge! Or maybe he just didn't aim well... We were light-contact sparring. This is Master Gary Shaw. He was a few degrees above me. I think a fourth dan black belt (I was a second). You can see my step-dad in the background on the chair. He was always there to watch me train. He always supported me. <3

This is my favourite photo, despite how sweaty and gross I look! It was taken at a competition. I was the youngest one in my category. Everyone was around 40+. I was also one of two females. To beat everyone in my group and win 1st place was incredible. I competed a lot and I always won gold - except for the national competition that I entered and won silver.

I wish I still trained. I wish there was a club near university. I miss how happy it made me.

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