Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Instagram Diary

This idea is not my own. I have been sat all morning trying to think of a blog post - massive writer's block alert! This Instagram Diary idea came from an old Zoella post, which popped into my head whilst I was browsing at tops on I haven't seen her post one for a while, but I used to enjoy them. So, I thought I would make a nice and pretty post by putting up a few of my Instagram snaps from the past few months.

Instagram username: @fluxandflo 

⁕ My once favourite necklace and top ⁕ Myself as Alex DeLarge with a stranger as Doctor Zoidberg on Halloween ⁕ Glass of mulled wine on bonfire night ⁕
⁕Before work at Topshop ⁕ Black coffee before the gym ⁕Bangerz and a new gym top ⁕
⁕Curly hair! ⁕ The Warehouse Project ⁕ My BFF and I in London ⁕
⁕ half my face #selfie ⁕ A friend and I on a night out in the student union ⁕ We found a plastic polar bear ⁕
⁕ Pretty Lauren and friend haha ⁕ Same friend and I ⁕ Game of Thrones book ⁕
⁕ Adventure Time comics ⁕ My sister and I on xmas day ⁕ Game of Thrones and tea at my dad's house ⁕
⁕ Before my static line parachute jump ⁕ Watching Harry Potter in the bath ⁕ Homemade PiƱa Colada ⁕
⁕ Green tea ⁕ Customised folder ⁕ Changing room selfie ⁕
⁕Night Venus choker ⁕ Flower bib necklace ⁕ my nail polish collection AFTER clear out ⁕
⁕ Spyro 2 ⁕ My makeup for the evening ⁕ New COMPANY magazine ⁕

Hope you enjoyed this post. I may possibly do more in the future, but they will be a little bit smaller than this!

If you fancy following me on Instagram, my username is 

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