Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Items For Your Home

You know you are about to leave your teenage years when you start to develop a love for candles, storage units and wallpaper designs. 

Recently, I have spent hours looking at little pieces that I would like inside my future home. I've barely spent any time looking at clothing and makeup. So, I thought I would share some of my favourite finds for your abode!

A set of two golden pig book ends from CB2. 
I have a pretty large book collection and they are always toppling off my shelves. I think this golden pig is super cute and totally different to anything I have seen. 
Click here to buy for £19.04.

Floor candle stick from Nkuku.
I love love love candles! I got quite a few yankee candles for Christmas. But nothing beats a classic candle on a pretty stand. I love the distressed look on these Nkuku tall holders. Prices vary.
Click here to buy.

Retro cushion covers from Twenty Seven Palms.
I've always had a cushion obsession. I found these on Not On The High Street originally. I then googled the brand and found that they sell so many different retro patterns! I'm besotted! Prices vary.
Click here to buy.

Egg house from Next.
I don't ever shop at Next. It doesn't ever cross my mind to even look in there. However, mum and I were flicking through my grandma's Next Home directory over the weekend and I thought this egg house was simply divine! Only £10 as well!
Click here to buy.

Aqua fade bowl set from Etsy.
I have been an Etsy fan for years now. I spend far too many hours looking at stuff on there. I love how simple these two bowls are. I'm not sure what you could put in them (maybe peanuts?) but I love the colour and design. They cost £17.22 which is a little too pricey for me on a student budget - but I love them all the same.
Click here to buy. 

Mini plant pots from Etsy.
Another Etsy find! How cute are these?! Perfect for little cactuses/cacti (which is it?!) like it shows in the picture. I'm a sucker for small things and these are small and cute and ahhhh! <3 I just love them! Ony £20.92 for a set of 5.
Click here to buy.

Antique door plates from Etsy.
Oops! Another Etsy piece! I love how old these are! I'm not sure whether they would be too battered to use on a door... However, I would definitely find a use for them... Maybe stick them in a pretty glass cabinet or on a wall for some crazy decor... Who knows? I just wish I could afford to buy things that I don't need! £7.38 for a set of two.
Click here to buy.

Mesi duvet set from Not On The High Street.
 I'm not usually a fan of tribal prints but I was strangely drawn to this. I love the colours and the print and it's only £50 for the whole set! 
Click here to buy.

Ok, so I could go on forever but I won't. This was a pretty strange post. I didn't really know how to go about writing this kind of thing so I hope it isn't too messy and weird!

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