Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mallzee - The Personal Shopper in Your Pocket

Once again, I've been AWOL. Sorry blog - I love you really.

Third year is really taking its toll on my sleeping pattern so I've been using up all my spare time by napping. It's beautiful but I definitely miss posting. Things are starting to settle now (especially the crazy nights out) so I should have time to get back into the swing of things over the coming week.

I have just downloaded a new app (on my snazzy iPhone 6!!) which I stumbled upon on The Blogger Programme. I haven't opened the app yet so I'm going to look through it whilst writing this post so you guys get an honest opinion from a Mallzee-newbie. I'm going to mainly focus on how easy it is to navigate, how aesthetically pleasing it is and anything else that catches my eye.

*opens app*

I've just set up my account which you can do via Facebook or email. The home page isn't too cluttered but it isn't boring and empty either. I can see a little slideshow of adverts from Reiss, River Island and Forever 21 - a nice combo as they all have different price ranges and in my opinion, target different people. The other links on the front page are "UK Student Scratchcard Competition", "Smokin' Sales", "New In", "Zip It Up" and "Laura Potter of Tiny Twist". I tried clicking on all these and it was super quick to load everything. What was even sweeter was how it offers both blogger and stylist fashion picks!

Along the bottom, there are 5 buttons. The middle one is the app logo and it takes you to the home page.

Style Feeds: This is the first button on the bottom bar. It says: "Personalised feeds of clothes tailored to your tastes and styles. Tap + to make one now!"
Ok, so I've tapped the + in the top corner and it asks you to select a gender, name for the feed and a photo. I've called mine "Halloween" just to be topical. Next, you're asked to select whether you want tops, dresses, bags etc. I'm starting to wonder if anything Halloween related will come up. Is this going to select things for me..? Then you pick colours. Orange... Black... What other colours are Halloween-y? Then brands (I think my Halloween idea was a little off). I think I'm most impressed by the number of brands on this site - Armani to Forever 21. Free People to Criminal Damage. 

Not too shabby, Mallzee. Not too shabby at all!

Then you pick a price range. For the purpose of this, I'm going to have £0 - £250+.
Ok, I've clicked save and it has brought up this screen:

Omg... It works like Tinder but with clothes! Ohhhh lordy. I'm basically on a clothes dating app. <3
If you swipe left, it shows a green thumbs up and if you swipe right, there is a red thumbs down. Not sure where these items go when you swipe them to the left though.

Saved: Right so if ou swipe left, they go into your "Saved" section. Mallzee gives you the option to be notified if the item goes down in price which is a nice touch for us students out there. It provides you with retailer and product information and an option to buy or share the item. Easy enough!

Brands: You can search all the brands on the website and either star them so they go into your favourite brands section or hide them. I just starred American Apparel and clicked on it. It brings up a page exactly like the one on the Style Feeds section. I actually love this because you can just sift through one brand.

The final button is Settings but I'm not going to bother talking you through that. It's pretty self-explanatory.

All in all?
It's easy to navigate, pretty to look at and an incredibly handy tool to have in your pocket.
I feel like I'm going to spend so much time on this app. It's so easy to whip out whilst walking to lectures, the gym or when I'm on my way to interview someone for Staffs Live.

You can get the app here:

Or get it by simply typing Mallzee into your app store search. 

Mallzee on The Blogger Programme: http://www.thebloggerprogramme.co.uk/profile/Mallzee/

This competition is in association with ebuyer.com and London College of Fashion.
All you have to do to enter is mention Mallzee on your blog.
The prizes: an iPad air, a Canon wireless printer, a blogging short course at the world-renowned London College of Fashion, where you’ll learn (from industry pros) about how to develop your blog’s effectiveness and £250 to spend on your favourite brand through Mallzee.

I encourage everyone to try this app out. It's unlike anything I've ever used!


  1. ah so jealous of your iphone, looks so sleek and amaaazing! i've heard about malzee but never actually knew what that was all about, definitely going to check it out now, sounds like a really good recommendation!