Monday, 24 November 2014

MCM Comic Con | Birmingham 2014

If you were out and about in Birmingham this weekend, you were probably confused by all the Harley Quinns, Stormtroopers and Final Fantasy characters. No, your television hasn't exploded, spewing out all your favourite characters and no, they were not hired for a child's birthday party.
They were in fact going to MCM Comic Con...

On November 22-23, thousands of comic, science fiction, TV, film and game fans came together at the NEC, in Birmingham. I was finally a part of the horde in all our sweaty, geek-excitement.

The cosplay was amazing. There were characters from Star Trek, Attack on Titan, League of Legends, Star Wars, The Walking Dead and so many other TV shows and games that I was constantly tapping my friend, shouting "oh, look look!!"
I had not had time to put together an outfit and I did not want to go in my Halloween Bioshock Splicer outfit as I had no fake blood and the mask makes my makeup melt. Here some of my Halloween photos: 

I'm the one on the far right in the red dress and homemade rabbit mask

The hall was split into various sections but comic village had to be my favourite. There were so many artists there, showcasing their drawings, comics and offering commissions. I had my portrait done by two different artists (see below) and I swear I have never looked so goddamn good!

There were various other areas including; Robots Live where you could watch metal bots try smash each other to pieces but never quite achieving it; a Japanese area with food stalls, soft alpaca teddies and a bunch of cute manga and ears like Chii from Chobits; an MCM eSports section with computers set up to play League of Legends; an indie games area and a bunch of steampunk stalls with guest speakers. In between all of this were rows and rows of stalls selling signed scripts from popular TV shows, pok√©mon plushies and all the merchandise and comics you could possibly want. 

On the Sunday, I entered the huge blow-up tent, which largely resembled the Michelin Man, to listen to Vic Mignogna, a voice actor, give a Q&A. It was so inspirign but I won't ramble on about him. Unfortunately, I missed Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) on the Saturday because it was so busy that there was a huge queue outside and I couldn't see or hear anything.

Price-wise, it was fairly reasonable. Each day ticket with early entry was £15 and a lot of the things offered inside have had a slight price cut so they will be far cheaper to buy at the convention than if you were to purchase them online.

I came home on the Sunday evening feeling a little miserable that I couldn't live in the hall and talk to other passionate nerds everyday of my life!
I plan on going to the May con in London next year and I have already sketched up a possible cosplay idea (Spyro, of course).


  1. Bravo to your friends UP costume! Five stars for creativity lol
    The Proud Outsider

  2. Ahh Final Fantasy is my fav game!